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B5 Max

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

B5 Max

Ultra-thin Vacuum for
Excellent Cleaning Performancea

Nidec Brushless Motor Offers
Powerful Suction

Driven by the Nidec Brushless Motor, B5 Max provides powerful suction to
pick up tiny dust, small particles, large debris, and pet hair.

600ml Dustbin with 3-stage Filtration

The advanced dustbin isolates and captures trash and debris in differentsizes
of particles, increases filtration efficiency and utilization of dustbin.

1.0L Large Capacity Dust Bag

The dust bag works as a filter besides a container for trash collection, keeping the
peak performance of the robot while cleaning. Simply dispose of it after being
filled up with trash.

Vacuum and Mop at the Same Time

B5 Max is designed with an external water tank to mop the floors
while vacuuming, which effectively improves the cleaning efficiency.

Convenient Control Via ILIFEHOME App

Simply click on your phone to operate B5 Max anytime, anywhere.
All the functions are available on ILIFEHOME App.

Cleaning History
Parts Maintenance
Suction Setting
Water Level Control
Cleaning Modes

Easily Cleans Pet Hair with Anti-tangle
Suction Nozzle

B5 Max removes pet hair with the tangle-free suction nozzle, helping the
pet owner to clean the pet's shed hair without efforts.

76mm Ultra-thin Body For Narrow Areas

With the compact design, B5 Max easily runs into the bottom of furniture
to clean hard-to-reach areas. No more hidden dust and trash.

Different Modes Meet Various
Cleaning Needs

B5 Max features 4 cleaning modes to handles a small amount of trash and
large piles of debris, no matter in specific areas or big rooms.






A Full Set of Sensors for
Smooth Working

Equipped with great sensors, B5 Max works well in automatic recharging,
as well as avoiding accidental drops and bumping.




Product Dimension: 315*300*76mm
Net weight: 2.2kg
Color: Gradient blue
Dustbin capacity: 0.6L
Product Parameters:
Charging type: Auto Charging
Cleaning mode: Auto, Spot, Edge, Max
Charging time: < 300min
Cleaning time: > 120min
Ability to cross obstacles: ≤ 15mm
Suitability: Tile, wood floor, carpet
Power: AC 100-240V (50/60HZ) 25W
Working voltage: 14.4V