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Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner


Cordless Stick Vacuum

Powerful Suction, Timeless Freshness

Elevate your cleaning prowess with lasting power!

Filtration Efficiency

Suction Power

Lightweight Body

Maximum Runtime

Hurricane-like Suction, Perpetually Strong

Short air ducts and dual dust cups design reduce airflow resistance, boosting suction power. Even with prolonged use, cleaning performance remains efficient and durable.

Optimize Structure with a Short Air Duct Design.

Technological breakthroughs eliminate the limitation of decreased suction power in traditional vacuum cleaners after prolonged use.

One Year Later, Vacuum Suction

Normal Vacuum Decreases by 50%

ILIFE H80 Decreases by 2.94%

Smart Dual Dust Cup, Double Filtration

Circulating inside, collecting outside, and minimizing air loss, the dual filtration system promotes enhanced cleanliness.

Filtration efficiency

Separation efficiency

Adjustable Suction Power

The superior brushless motor provides the H80 with 10Kpa (Normal Mode) for
up to 35mins runtime or 22Kpa (Max Mode) for when you need a deeper clean.

Normal Mode

Max Mode

550mL Large Dust Cup

H80 large dust cup reduces the frequency of trash disposal during a single cleaning.

Ultra-Fast Cleaning, Instant Cleansing

Powerful suction and high-speed roller brush swiftly clear dust, debris, and hair. Instantly handles daily chores, perfect for small area cleaning!

Ultra Flexible Floor Head

The 270° adjustable floor head cleans around corners and furniture smoothly. Furthermore, it allows the vacuum to stand upright independently.

Built-in LED light

Light up the dark areas during cleaning.

Effortless Cleaning with One Click

Easy disassembly, detachable and washable dust cup for effortless cleaning and zero maintenance hassle!

Convenient One-touch Disposal

Simply press the release button to empty the dustbin without touching the dust and trash.

One-click Dust Cup Disassembly

Effortlessly clean with easy dust cup removal and maintain peak performance with the eco-friendly washable filter.

Detachable Battery

Allows you to switch battery for continuous cleaning.

Lightweight, Portable, Exquisite Design

H80 features a lightweight and compact body, making it effortless to clean every corner. Easily tackle dust in high places and dirt under the bed!

LED Display Panel

Mode Switching
Battery Display
Error Alerts

Extension Wand

H80 offers customizable length, catering to varying family heights and saving storage space for a perfect cleaning experience.

Convenient to
Store & Charging

Simply hang your vacuum on the wall mount for storage and charging.

Satisfy All Your Needs in Home Cleaning

H80 comes with versatile attachments for reaching high walls, shutters, desktops, stairs, sofas, and keyboards, fulfilling all your daily cleaning needs.

Easily reach to high places
Clean the hard-to-reach areas
Handles cleaning tasks on keyboard
Pick up debris from the sofa gaps

Product Specifications

Model: ILIFE H80

Net weight: 2.2kg

Capacity of dustcup: 550ml

Dimension: 230×240×1080 mm

Rated voltage: 22.2

Rated power: 180W

Noise Level : 72 dB

Battery Capacity: 3000mAh