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Self-Empty Robotic Vacuum Cleaner


Free Your Hands
Up to 60 Days

Self-Empty Robotic Vacuum Cleaner


Advanced LDS

Suction Power


5 Floor

150mins Long

App, Alexa,
Google Assistant


Set And Forget It

60 Days of hands-free cleaning

The built-in disposable dust bag holds up to
60 days of dust and dirt without frequent emptying.
All you need to do is dump the bag after it's full.

Self-Emptying Station

20000Pa dust-collection

Featuring up to 20000Pa cyclone dust-collection technology, the self-empty station can automatically empty the robot's dustbin in 20 seconds after cleanup without clogging.


Precise LDS Navigation

4000/S SLAM scanning& mapping

Experience fast and efficient cleaning. With 360° and
4K/s scanning, T10s gets 2 times faster mapping for
higher coverage to create the most efficient cleaning
route without missing spots.

Multi-Floor Mapping

Save up to 5 maps

Scan multiple floors of your home and
save up to 5 maps. Easy to get a customized clean
and clean different floors of your home at your will.

Large Or Small Clean It All

Strong suction power

Powerful enough to sweep away debris, particles, and dust for deep cleaning from hardwood to tile floors. Cleaning the carpets becomes a breeze with its carpet auto pressurization. So easy to climb over rugs up to 18mm!

2-in-1 Vacuum and Mop

One use, double clean

A 2-in-1 vacuum & mop combo can pick up floating dust
and mop up stubborn stains for a thorough clean.
Various vacuuming and mopping modes are available
to meet your daily cleaning needs.

4 Mode Options
3 Water Level Settings

"Y" Path Cleaning

Full coverage, deep cleaning

"Y" path cleaning with unique mopping
motion ensures higher cleaning efficiency and
full coverage. Floor stains have nowhere to
hide and leave your floors gleaming.


Clean On and On

Up to 150mins runtime

T10s delivers 150mins long-lasting
deep cleaning throughout your home.
Easy to clean a 200m² (2152ft²)
large-scale house without interruptions.

Clean in Your Favorite Way

Control at your fingertips

Get a customized clean and start an intuitive cleaning experience tailored to your needs with enhanced App features.

ilife t10s

Place No-GO Zone

Exclude the areas you don’t wanna clean.

Customized Cleaning

Customize certain rooms you want to clean and set up water, suction levels, etc. for each one.

Schedule Cleaning

Set up a specific schedule for
certain rooms.

Speak to Command

Support voice control

Tell your robot friend where or when to clean just with voice control while enjoying your time.


Slimmer. More Flexible

Clean without obstacles

Equipped with cutting-edge sensors, the robot achieves better cleaning in complex environments without dropping
and collisions. Its slim body and unique side brush design make it easy to clean dirt, debris and hair under furniture or
from corners to edges with its strong anti-tangling ability.

ilife t10s

Product Specifications

Robot Dimension: 320×320×92.5 mm

Station Dimension: 320×240×165 mm

Dust Bag Capacity: 2.5L

Climb Threshold: 18mm

Water Tank: 240 ml

Dust Tank: 250ml

Noise Level : 65 dB

WIFI Frequency: 2.4GHz

Control Methods : App, Alexa and Google Assistant