ILIFE W150 Super-Quiet Cordless Wet&Dry Hardfloor Cleaner
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Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Ultra Clean, Whisper Quiet

ILIFE W150 Super-Quiet Cordless Wet&Dry Hardfloor Cleaner

Low-Consumption Adhesion Cleaning Technology

Unlike traditional cleaning systems using power to create suction to vacuum and mop the floor, W150 adopts
new Low-Consumption Adhesion Cleaning Technology to provide an integrated cleaning solution with strong cleaning ability
but lower power consumption and LESS noise to deeply clean hardfloors.

To Be Way Ahead of Traditional's

W150 To Be Way Ahead of Traditional's

ILIFE W150 wet&dry hardfloor cleaner

Other wet&dry vacuum cleaners

Sweep, Wash, Mop

Innovated high polymer adhesion cleaning technology

60dB vacuumless, more queit

Up to 70 mins runtime

0-90° adjustable angle

1000ml bigger water tank

Vacuum, Wash, Mop

Water, dust separation technology

78dB vacuum, more noisy

Up to 30~40 mins runtime

0-60° adjustable angle

700~800 ml water tank

Deeply Cleaning with
No Water Marks

W150 adopts the specially formulated polymer
flexible sponge roller to make cleaning steps in
one go and more efficient. Not only does the
sponge roller provide the strong adhesion to
tightly sweep up both wet and dry waste on the
floor, but also it can mop and dry the floor quickly
because of the strong water absorption, making all
cleaning steps in one go. After cleaning, the floor is
clean without water stain and no slipping.

Strong Waste Adhesion

Strong Water Absorption

No Water Marks

Super-Quiet Cleaning

Different from the traditional wet and dry vacuum cleaners , the polymer flexible cleaning roller of W150 works
with 0 suction power. Thus, the noise can be controlled to less than 60dB to ensure that it does not interfere
with the user’s daily routine.

Sewage and Solid
Wastes Separation

After the garbage and sewage are absorbed
by the sponge roller, the solid wastes are
scrubbed into the dustbin by the scraper,
while the dirty water is pressed from the
sponge to flow into the dirty water tank finally.

Self-Cleaning with
Fresh Water

When W150 is cleaning the floor, it is also cleaning
itself with fresh water. The separated design of fresh
water pipeline and dirty water pipeline makes sure
the fresh water cleans the roller in real-time while the
dirty water is collected separately, reducing the
second pollution and refreshing your home.

Work Longer with Lower Power Consumption

W150 doesn't need more power to work in the process of cleaning, bringing lower power consumption.
So 3000mAh big battery makes sure W150 can work up to 70mins, covering 300㎡ of areas.

Note: Based on internal testing carried out by the manufacturer in Standard mode on hard floors with a full battery.
Actual results may vary according to your home environment.

Easily Handle with
Most of Hardfloors

W150 is especially suitable for uneven hardfloors,
such as cobble floors. The specially formulated
polymer flexible sponge roller completely matches
most of the hardfloors because of its softness and
fit with the floor.


Marble floor

Wood floor

Note: Can't use it to clean carpets.

Wet and Dry Waste,
Cleaning Spotlessly

The formulated polymer flexible sponge roller
can tightly absorb all kinds of wet and dry waste,
garbage and sewage, such as food remains,
stains, dust,etc.

Make handheld Relaxed by Self-Traction

When the handheld wet and dry floor washing cleaner is working, it is driven forward by self-traction,
so you don't need to push it forward by yourself, thus saving your energy.

Say Goodbye to Neglected Corners

The unique welt design of the roller makes sure
W150 can clean edge to edge, never skipping any areas.
W150 is so flexible and slim that can adjust itself
to clean the hidden areas.

Cordless, Lightweight,

Thoughtfully, the dirty water tank is designed
in the bottom of W150 and only the fresh
water tank is on the handle, making you feel
no weight . And, you can freely take it anywhere
because of the 3.6kg lightweight and the
cordless design.

Large Capacity of
Water Tank Contains More

Don't worry about adding fresh water or pouring
dirty water out, 1000ml freshwater tank plus a
500ml dirty water tank really helps
you hassle-free.

Remind You What's Going
to Do in Real-Time

The intelligent voice assistant tracks and reports
the instant status, including power on/off reminding,
charging state warning, water tank setup guiding,
and machine error alert. So you'll always know
when to make the next move.

Light Feedback
Voice Broadcast
Sufficient Power
Low Battery
Dying Battery
Execute the scrubbing mode.
Sewage tank is full, please change it.

Special and Unusual

The design is inspired by a Chinese red-crowned crane. The streamlined body is
beautiful with its elegance and ultra-minimal beauty.

Product Specifications

Model: W150

Noise: <60dB

Capacity of clean water tank: 1L

Capacity of dirty water tank: 0.5L

Dimension: 300 X 230 X 1220mm

Rated voltage: 100V-240V 50/60Hz

Rated power: 30W

Battery capacity: 3000mAh