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V55 Pro

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Integrated vacuuming and mopping robot vacuum
V55 Pro features a dual cleaning system which sweeps and mops to ensure a thorough cleaning.
Auto-controlled water tank and moisture-lock mop cloth, Enhanced cleaning effectiveness
220ml water tank
120 mins uninterrupted wet mopping
The 400cm² upgraded mop cloth locks moisture
for powerful dirt and fine dust removal.
Planned zigzag path,
Cover the entire house
V55 Pro plans a cleaning path to minimize repeated or missed spots, ensuring complete coverage of the entire house with maximum cleaning effectiveness.
Cleaning zone planning
Zigzag cleaning pattern
Memorize coordinates
Multiple cleaning modes, Simplify complexity


Auto cleaning is merely at the touch of a button.


Clean a specific area with concentrated dirt in a spiral pattern.


Clean around obstacles and edge of the walls.
Electrowall® Clean designated zones only
Marking an invisible boundary, Electrowall® allows zone cleaning by distinguishing working area
from areas that don’t require cleaning.
Tangle-free suction,
Hassle-free cleaning
Anti-tangle suction port provides an unblocked passage for dust and debris.
Adjustable suction power, Leave floor sparkling clean
Powered by a brushless motor, V55Pro cleans quietly with strong suction power. It offers two suction levels where MAX mode can reach up to 1000PA, handling even the smallest particles.
Brushless motor
Pascal suction power
Low noise
Double filtering, Keep your home fresh and clean
HEPA filter: Filter finest dust in
the air
Primary filter: Filter larger dust
particles and hair
Transparent dustbin: Large
capacity of 300ml
Great sense of space,
Anti-fall and anti-collision


4 sets of cliff sensor detects height
difference, automatically preventing


4 sets of sensor installed in the
bumper and 4mm rubber stripes
attached to the front part of the
robot provide protection to the robot
and furniture in case of collision.

Obstacle-avoiding wheels

Overcoming a 13mm obstacle nimbly,
these nose wheels reduce human
involvements in the cleaning process.
One scheduling, 7-day workweek
V55 Pro accepts preset schedules 7 days a week in one setting, and executes daily task at scheduled times.
Simply Exterior, Easy Operation
Glossy black exterior with touch buttons and LCD display emanates sophisticated simplicity.
The buttons on the body enable control of multiple functions, including activating cleaning
and switching cleaning modes.
Plan button
Dust Collector
Spot Mode
Clean buttom
High capacity battery, Handle large homes easily
A fully charged 2600mAh high capacity battery facilitates a 2-hour cleaning task, covering an area up to 140м².

Working time


Cleaning area

Auto Recharge,
Hands-free Exprience
When battery runs low, V55 Pro automatically
searches the charging dock for recharge,
offering a hassle-free cleaning experience.
Diameter: 348mm
Dustbin Capacity: 0.3L
Water Tank Capacity: 0.18L
Product Parameters:
Charging type: Auto/Manual
Cleaning modes: Auto, Spot,Edge,Path,Schedule
Charging time: 200-350 min
Working time:110-130 min
Button Type: Mechanical Button
Battery Type: Li-ion
Rate of power: 22W